Edged Energy is launching the largest global platform of carbon-neutral, zero-water data centers

The world demands sustainable data center infrastructure

Global IT infrastructure is expanding rapidly, especially at the edge, while confronting issues of climate change and increased water scarcity. The digital economy demands new solutions.

Edged is leading the way

The Edged modular data center platform is setting a new standard for efficiency and resiliency with a PUE of 1.15 anywhere (even in the hottest climates), 100% renewable energy, and innovative zero-water cooling systems.

Global partnerships allow Edged to rapidly deploy technology at scale

With 85% market share for US microgrid deployments and 1GW manufacturing capability, PowerSecure is the industry leader in electrical systems and distributed energy resources.

With 200K employees and 45M square feet of manufacturing space in sites worldwide, Jabil's global manufacturing expertise allows us to scale technologies rapidly.

Global partnerships allow Edged to rapidly deploy data center technology at scale

We are developing new data centers in Europe, North and South America, Middle East, and Asia. Contact us to discuss opportunities.

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